Worlds Largest Blue Whale colony – Discovered in Sri Lanka
While reading the news as usual yesterday I came across an article that was published on the on-line edition of the Lakbima News Paper. An extract from the paper belowBigger than an elephant, 30 metres in length and 140 tons in weight, and gentle in the sea, they slither without a splash. They are shy and timid, and we humans go all the way to the deep blue sea, uninvited, to see these shy and timid living submarines. The blue whales are dying in big numbers and we human are the main cause for their depleting numbers.The world has discovered one of the greatest blue whale colonies in Sri Lankan waters. It is said they are ‘domiciled’ around Sri Lankan waters, not wanting to migrate because they have a good catch. The largest mammal roaming the planet — the blue whale is being promoted aggressively to attract tourism with unregulated whale watching programmes.